In 2017, our Association organized an International Classical Guitar Conference to commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of Antonio de Torres Jurado (1817-1892).

This great luthier, also known as “the Stradivarius of the guitar”, has gone down in history for laying the constructive foundations of the classical guitar as we know it today.

The event was intended to be a focus for the dissemination of knowledge about the history and current state of the classical guitar and a meeting point for professionals, students, amateurs and lovers of this beautiful instrument.

During three intense days we were able to attend 4 high-level CONCERTS (Carles Trepat, Cuartetro Terpsícore, Abel García Ayala and Antonio López Palacios) and 6 LECTURES given by great luthiers and researchers: Abel García López, Joan Pellissa, Jaume Bosser, John Ray, Marco A. Pérez and Andrés D Marvi.

It should be noted that Carles Trepat performed his concert with two original guitars by Antonio de Torres. One of them, "La Invencible" could be heard for the first time in Badalona after a careful restoration process.

We were also able to contemplate an unpublished EXHIBITION that brought together eight handcrafted replicas of famous guitars by Antonio de Torres, built by renowned luthiers from different countries, who came to Badalona with their instruments to participate in this event and thus pay tribute to their illustrious predecessor.

In this framework, the third edition of our Children's and Youth Contest for Chamber Ensembles with Guitar was also held, whose jury was chaired by maestro Eulogio Dávalos. 

We are happy to say that this event, born from a founding idea of our Association and unprecedented in Badalona, was a resounding success.

The quality of the event was very high and the response from the public was excellent, with a total number of attendees that exceeded one thousand.

We want to thank collaborators, sponsors and advertisers for the trust and support they gave us from the first moment. All this support, joined to the contribution and voluntary work of the members of our Association, made possible for us to offer the acts of this cultural event free to everybody.

The effort was worth it: Concertists, lecturers, exhibitors, contestants, jury, everyone congratulated the existence of an event like this and today they still mention it as one of the best acts in homage to Antonio de Torres among all events held in Spain to celebrate his bicentennial.

Thank you all for helping to make these days magnificent and for giving us optimism for the future.



"Of course, the conference was a success. Lots of quality and impeccable organization. Congratulations!"

Carlos Juan Busquiel, luthier. Petrer, Alicante, Spain.


"Congratulations to the Badalona Guitar Association for a conference full of content where we have learned and enjoyed a lot. At the base of everything there is a lot of work, no doubt. Thank you for your efforts."

Marcos Villanueva, soloist and professor at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Barcelona.


"It was a very professional and interesting conference. You must be proud."

John Ray, luthier and researcher. Granada, Spain. 


"Congratulations on the success obtained in disseminating an important part of our culture of Spanish guitar music and its tradition. It is a pleasure to know that so many people have enjoyed your effort."

José Luis Romanillos amd Marian Harris.


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