You can watch the concert from start to finish right away. As in all live broadcasts, there are some imperfections, but still it is very worth it. The original recording has been edited only to suppress pauses that are too long. The sound is the original of the recording. Not filtered, compressed or equalized. It's just leveled off.







Initially planned in a larger auditorium, the concert took place at the headquarters of the Badalona Guitar Association, with a maximum allowed “capacity” of 6 people, including the interpreter, and was broadcast on our YouTube channel, obtaining a total of 187 live connections, with a maintained average of 45 simultaneous streams.

Overcoming the discomfort of such an unusual situation for a performer accustomed to the stage, Ljubica Bukvić gave herself courageously and heartily to her online audience and prescribed an exquisite musical treatment for all of us. 

Ljubica's formula was simple in its content, complex in its elaboration and masterful in its execution: it contained a bit of Tárrega, a quarter and a half of Weiss, a good portion of Llobet and Pujol, and some Turina grains, at the end emulsified with a few Albéniz drops.

Such a restorative medicine stimulated our body, a sound pill that activated our defenses and generated endorphins that made us feel much better.

The well-deserved applause came this time through the chat.

If you also want to undergo the Ljubica's treatment, press the play button.


During the first wave of Covid-19 we already learned that culture - music in particular - is a good treatment to cope with the situation, so we must not forget about culture.

For the same reason, we thank more than ever to our entity's members and sponsors for their unconditional support in these difficult times.