On November 1, we celebrated in the Church of the Carmelite Fathers, in Badalona, the first of two classical guitar concerts that our Guitar Association has scheduled this fall.


The guest artist was the young Mexican guitarist Abel García Ayala, an emerging talent on the international guitar scene.


He was the winner of our International Young Performers Contest in 2019, and we promised him that we would invite him back to Badalona the following year so that he could offer a solo recital. It could not be in 2020 due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has been possible in 2021.


Abel García Ayala is only 25 years old, but his interpretive technique and his musical sensitivity are superlative. He performed a program with pieces from different periods, origins and styles, including one by Joan Manén, in tune with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of the this great Catalan composer.


During the recital he knew how to apply his talent judiciously and correctly to a very diverse and far from easy program, interpreting classical works together with other more popular ones such as the one you can see and hear in the video at the end of this text, recorded during his concert in Badalona.

As a curiosity, we will comment that he also interpreted the transcription for guitar of three "pirekuas", songs from the Purépecha culture, an empire of pre-Columbian Mexico from which Abel is a descendant by maternal route.

We wish him a successful and fruitful career.



“Abel has an innate ability for music and art, which he inherits from a very long family tradition ... Thanks to his passion and dedication he has achieved an enviable musicality, sensitivity and virtuosity."

Pepe Romero, Alicante, 2019




Abel García Ayala plays "Malambo" by Atahualpa Yupanqui

Concert Sound and audio recording: Enric Lindo.

Video recording and editing: Toni Valls