The Catalan violinist and composer Joan Manén i Planas created his “Fantasia - Sonata” for guitar in 1929, at the request of his friend Andrés Segovia. This piece is considered today one of the most important in the guitar repertoire of the first half of the twentieth century.


Last year, 2021, the “Year of Joan Manén” was celebrated to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of this great musician, who was famous and recognized in his lifetime and has been, however, quite forgotten after his death.


At our Autumn Concert, held in November 2021 in Badalona, Abel García Ayala wanted to join the tribute to the Master by performing his “Fantasia Sonata op. A-22 ” for guitarYou can watch te video of this performance here:


Portrait of Joan Manén made by Ramon Casas


Abel García Ayala plays "Fantasia - Sonata" by Joan Manén


More info about Joan Manén:

Joan Manén was a prolific composer and a virtuoso violinist. You can find more information about him on Wikipedia or on his website.


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