During the Badalona 2017 Guitar Conference, six LECTURES on guitar construction were held by great experts: Abel García López, John Ray, Joan Pellissa, Jaume Bosser,  Marco A. Pérez and Andrés D. Marvi.

Here you will find information on each of these conferences, and the video recording of some of them.





Paracho, México.

LECTURE - April 18, 2017

Casa América Catalunya, Barcelona.

In this lecture, Abel García López presented, accompanied by images of his research and the construction process, the excellent replica he built over nine years of the famous guitar "La Cumbre" by Antonio de Torres Jurado (1817-1892), an instrument awarded at the International Exhibition of Seville in 1858.


JOHN RAY, luthier and researcher

Granada (Spain)

LECTURE - April 29, 2017

NAU3 - Centre Cultural l'Escorxador, Badalona

In this lecture, luthier John Ray explains the main difficulties involved in restoring an old guitar and some of the techniques he uses in his work. He also tells us about applicable criteria to decide whether a restoration is relevant and how to choose the most appropriate type of intervention.

MARCO ANTONIO PÉREZ, Doctor engineer


LECTURE - April 29, 2017

NAU3 - Centre Cultural l'Escorxador, Badalona

Marco Antonio Pérez presented two interesting studies that he is carrying out: one related to the physical and acoustic properties of the guitar's soundboard and the other to the restoration of a historical guitar built by Antonio de Torres.