LECTURE - April 30, 2017

NAU3 - Centre Cultural l'Escorxador, Badalona

Andrés Daniel Marvi showed us the process of building a concert guitar, explaining to us in detail at all construction stages to achieve the desired instrument. It is a laborious and complex process, but necessary if you want to obtain a high-quality guitar.




Andrés Daniel Marvi was born in 1956 in Germany. He began building a Spanish guitar on his own in 1978, taking the "Zupfinstrumenstenmacher" (guitar maker) exam at the Erlangen (Germany) chamber of commerce in 1985. 

In 1987 he moved to Spain and installed his workshop in a town in the Alpujarra of Granada, until today.

He participated in two courses taught by José Luis Romanillos (1984 and 1992).

Combining his training in Germany and Spain with his deep knowledge of the Granada school, this guitar maker has managed to create his own constructive style, a symbiosis of two temperaments and very different ways of building, with spectacular results. We are facing one of the great guitar-makers of today.

His guitars, both classical and flamenco, are played by prestigious soloists such as Gerardo Nuñez, Goran Krivokapic, Graham Anthony Devine or Aniello Desiderio.

Andrés Daniel Marvi has also taught guitar construction courses in Liechtenstein, Montenegro and South Korea.