The Mexican luthier Abel García López is a prominent disciple of the great master José Luis Romanillos and today he leads the new generation of guitar makers in the city of Paracho, the epicenter of guitar in Mexico. His refined technique, the high quality of his instruments and his tireless desire to improve, have made his way internationally until he is considered one of the best builders in the world.

Among his achievements stands out a replica of Antonio de Torres's “La Cumbre” guitar, the most elaborate of all the guitars that the great master built. Abel took nine years to finish the instrument, which he brought to Badalona and was exhibited at the Guitar Conference 2017, the event in tribute to Antonio de Torres that our Association organized on the occasion of his bicentennial.

These days, Abel gave us a magnificent conference in which he told us in detail about his adventure. You can see the video of this event on the page that we have dedicated to it (only in Spanish). There you will also find more information: 

"La Cumbre", nueve años para construir una réplica perfecta