Antonio de Torres Jurado was the luthier who defined the guidelines for the classical guitar. Today, 203 years after his birth, his guitars are still a reference.

On the occasion of his bicentennial, three years ago, our Association organized an International festival in his honour.

We remember with special affection the exhibition in which we managed to gather and show eight faithful replicas of the Antonio de Torres guitars: la "Cumbre", la "Leona", the  Tárrega gutars, the Llobet guitar, the Pujol guitar and the last guitar of Torres, built by prestigious luthiers from all over the world: Abel García López, Verónica Ayala, Joan Pellissa, Carlos Juan Busquiel , John Ray, Felipe Conde i Antonio Manjón. 

Four days ago we were talking about Federico García Lorca and Badalona. Today we share the work of the Galician guitarist and researcher Samuel Diz, who has released an album - “Memoria de la Melancolía” - in which he plays the guitar that belonged to the poet. We share Manuel de Falla's “Nana” from this project, which interprets along with Isabel Villanueva and Jonatan Alvarado. Congratulations on your work Samuel, receive our greetings from Badalona.


In October 2019, guitarist Samuel Diz invited violinist Isabel Villanueva and tenor Jonatan Alvarado to participate in the first album using the guitar that belonged to Federico García Lorca, recorded at the Huerta de San Vicente (Granada). Official website of Samuel Diz:



This blog has been created on June 5, the same day that Federico García Lorca was born, so we dedicated this first article to him. It is well known that the great playwright and poet was also a musician, a good guitarist and a great lover of our favorite instrument.

But we also dedicate it to him for a fact that very few people know: García Lorca spent his last Christmas in Badalona.