This blog has been created on June 5, the same day that Federico García Lorca was born, so we dedicated this first article to him. It is well known that the great playwright and poet was also a musician, a good guitarist and a great lover of our favorite instrument.

But we also dedicate it to him for a fact that very few people know: García Lorca spent his last Christmas in Badalona.

This is what Xavier Rius Xirgu, a Margarita Xirgu's great nephew, tells us on the family's website:

“The last days of December 1935 and the first days of the year 1936, Federico stayed at Margarita's house in Badalona.”


It happened after the premiere in Barcelona, a few days before Christmas, of the play "Doña Rosita la Soltera o el Lenguaje de las Flores", with Xirgu playing the main character.

Margarita was García Lorca's favorite actress, a muse and a good friend. She surely invited him to stay over Christmas at her house and it is evident that he accepted.

The house still exists and it seems that, after several reforms, it retains its structure, at least seen from the outside (photo). In 2020, a commemorative plaque was placed next to the door.

So we know that it was in Badalona, facing the Mediterranean Sea, where García Lorca celebrated the arrival of  the last year of his life.

On his birthday, from Badalona, this memory serves as a tribute.


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