During the Conference we were able to visit an exhibition of guitars built by highly prestigious professional luthiers from different countries, who have faithfully reproduced some of the most famous instruments by Antonio Torres Jurado. All guitar makers were present at the event: Carlos Juan Busquiel, Abel García López, Joan Pellisa, Verónica Ayala, John Ray, Felipe Conde y Antonio Manjón.

Eight replicas in total, authentic jewels of craftsmanship, which could be seen together for the first time in an unusual exhibition until today.




Along with each guitar, a sheet highlighting the singularities of the instrument, a technical explanation of the used materials and some relevant measures. Finally, the data of the author of each replica.

Below you can see the poster of the exhibition. Next to it, the list of exposed replicas and their constructors:


Replica of FE04 “La Leona” (1856)

Luthier: Carlos Juan Busquiel


Replica of FE08 “La Cumbre” (1858)

Luthier: Abel García López


Replica of FE09 “La Torres de Llobet” (1859)

Luthier: Antonio Manjón


Replica of FE16 “La Torres de Pujol” (1863)

Luthier: Joan Pellisa


Replica of FE17 “La Torres de Tárrega (1864)

Luthier: Verónica Ayala


Replica of SE114 “La última de Tárrega” (1888)

Luthier: Abel García López


Replica of SE129 (1889)

Luthier: Felipe Conde


Replica of SE153 “La Torres de Trepat” (1892)

Luthier: John Ray











But during the Conference we could not only contemplate the guitars. We could also hear them (!), since both Antonio López Palacios in the opening concert and Abel García Ayala in his recital used the guitars from this unique exhibition in their performances.